Mastering Blood Sugar

All You Need to Know About Hormones with Dr. Anna Cabeca

September 09, 2020 Dr. Brian Mowll Season 1 Episode 35
Mastering Blood Sugar
All You Need to Know About Hormones with Dr. Anna Cabeca
Show Notes

Dr. Anna Cabeca is committed to supporting women to thrive physically, emotionally, sexually, and even spiritually as they go through the natural and inevitable life shift of menopause. Dr. Anna Cabeca has spent years developing and perfecting a complete suite of life-changing products and programs. Everything Dr. Anna creates is part of her daily routine and is based on exhaustive research and the never-ending quest to find solutions that help women reclaim their vibrancy, sexuality, health, and happiness.

In this episode, Dr. Anna explains what happens to women after forty when they have insulin resistance. Insulin, cortisol, estrogen, and progesterone influence each other like a spider web. In our mid-thirties, progesterone levels start to decline. Insulin and cortisol will also play a role in this decline. Progesterone is our calming hormone; it is predominant in the second half of our menstrual cycle. It is also the primary hormone in pregnancy - protecting our brains, bones, and breasts.

Estrogen is also an essential hormone. It’s vital for our eyes, bones, and glucose uptake in the brain. In menopause, women get brain fog. If we aren’t able to utilize glucose because of depleting estrogen, that explains the brain fog. To fix this, women should start using ketones for fuel. That way, they are not as dependent on the estrogen circulating in the body.

After menopause, many women start to gain weight. As our metabolism shifts, it creates a weight gain. For women, it becomes crucial to get ahold of your hormone levels to nip weight gain in the bud. Because we are living in artificial environments, we need to arm ourselves with detoxification. Detoxing will help our bodies get improved sleep, relax, and generally make us feel good.

Then, Dr. Anna discusses the hormones behind women’s sex drives. We commonly think of estrogen as the female hormone. However, testosterone is also essential for women’s sex drives. Furthermore, DHEA will assist with improving sex life by enhancing orgasms, desire, and libido. Also, optimum levels of DHEA are associated with low levels of cancer. However, women struggle with DHEA because it starts to decline in their twenties – plus, DHEA is depleted during stressful times.

Stay tuned as Dr. Anna reveals the inspiration behind some of her products like Keto-Green and Mighty Maca. Plus, she explains the importance of care in the healing process.

 Key Takeaways:

[ 1:20 ] The challenges of insulin resistance in women over forty
 [ 5:35 ] The importance of estrogen 
 [ 7:00 ] The effect of our hormones on weight
 [ 10:20 ] Utilizing hormone replacement therapies 
 [ 18:40 ] The hormones behind women’s sex drives
 [ 24:00 ] All about Keto-Green

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