Mastering Blood Sugar

How To Create A Healthy Metabolism with Dr. Elena Zinkov

August 19, 2020 Dr. Brian Mowll Season 1 Episode 32
Mastering Blood Sugar
How To Create A Healthy Metabolism with Dr. Elena Zinkov
Show Notes

Dr. Elena Zinkov has a background as a competitive athlete – that introduced her to the world of sports medicine and how nutrition impacts performance. From there Dr. Elena grew passionate about finding the most innovative and evidence-based techniques for pain management.

Now, she is best known for helping busy men and women regain their vibrant lifestyle after years of doctor’s appointments and testing with no results. Through her signature program, Dr. Elena helps her clients reach their full potential through optimal health.

In this episode, Dr. Elena explains how she looks at type 2 diabetes from a naturopathic perspective. First, she looks at the cardiovascular system and the hosts of issues contributing to blood sugar regulation. Next, a naturopath looks at lifestyle, stress levels, and dietary habits. It's essential to look at the whole person, including their family, work, and living environment.

When someone does have type 2 diabetes, it's time to figure out how to intervene. Some of the ways you can intervene are through diet, exercise, lifestyle, supplements, and hormone replacement therapy. It's essential to treat from the whole person's perspective because it is a lifestyle disease. There are so many things you can do from a natural perspective before seeking insulin.

At a naturopathic clinic, Dr. Elena collects a basic set of labs. Anytime there is a blood dysregulation, Dr. Elena includes a thyroid panel, sex hormone panel, nutrient analysis, and cortisol. Then, Dr. Elena has an in-depth conversation, and she comes up with a grand master plan for her patients. After following the plan, Dr. Elena will make adjustments as necessary after the first few months.

When Dr. Elena sees patients who have tried loads of different diets to lose weight, she sees a problem with the metabolism. Sometimes, these patients need to utilize time-restrictive eating and exercising. With these minor changes, people can start seeing metabolic change. If that's not working, then the patient may need thyroid medication. Again, if that doesn't work, then patients should look at it as a hypothalamic problem.

Later, Dr. Elena explains the mindset shift that needs to happen on a health journey. It can take years to cultivate specific skills. Faith is a massive component of wellness. In the past few years, Dr. Elena brings a lot more faith-based conversations to her practice. She likes to talk about what is keeping her patients going - wellness is a journey.

Stay tuned as we talk about navigating the health journey during COVID. Plus, Dr. Elena gives her advice to patients with type 2 diabetes.

Key Takeaways:

[ 1:10 ] Looking at type 2 diabetes from a naturopathic perspective
 [ 5:30 ] Level of intervention for type 2 diabetes  
 [ 12:25 ] Assessing patients at a naturopathic clinic
 [ 16:15 ] The complexities behind blood sugar dysfunction  
 [ 19:20 ] Strategies for weight-loss resistance patients  

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